ZP 200

ZP #200 removes stubborn grease and oil stains quickly and thoroughly. This strong and effective formulation will remove the most difficult stains.


Zim Pic Jr

Zim Pic Jr offers a safe and effective means of cleaning oil, grease and dirt from carpet.


Unbelievable Stain Remover

Lifts stains from carpet and upholstery on contact with no soapy residue.

$16.00 – $155.00

ZP 300

ZP #300 is a textile spot remover is  an alcohol based formulation which will remove grease and oil stains safely from almost any fabric.



A flammable, safer spot remover for grease, oil and dirt.

$188.50 – $201.95

Z Power

Z Power is another great Zim cleaning solvent.


Z Force

Z-Force is a textile spot remover that removes cured plastisol from shirts and jackets. Z-Force removes dirt, grease, oil and other stains.



Orbit is a Dry powdered, circle and stain remover.