ZP 200

ZIMWEB (10 of 25)
Removes stubborn grease and oil stains quickly and thoroughly

ZP 300

ZIMWEB (15 of 25)
will remove grease and oil stains safely from almost any fabric.

Z Force

ZIMWEB (13 of 25)
will remove cured plastisol from shirts and jackets.

Zim Pic Jr

Zim Pic Jr
a safe and effective means of cleaning oil, grease and dirt from carpet and upholstery.

Go Spot

Zim Go Spot
spray aerosol spotter that quickly dissolves away both water and oil base soils from carpet and upholstery


Zim Orbit


Dry powdered, circle and stain remover.


Unbelievable Stain Remover

Lifts stains from carpet and upholstery on contact with no soapy residue.


IPA Small Sizes
A flammable, safer spot remover for grease, oil and dirt.

Z Power

Z Power textile cleaning solvents Atlanta
Z Power is another great Zim cleaning solvent.