Screen printing supplies Danwood

Screen printing supplies by Zim International are considered to be among the best screen printing products available in Danwood South Carolina.
Screen printing adhesive is used to keep whatever material you are printing on in place while printing. We currently offer a wide variety of spray adhesives, a flash cure adhesive for use with flash dryers, a web adhesive for printing thick materials such as sweatshirts and fleece, and a water based spreadable adhesive for a much cleaner and easier application!
Screen Printing Emulsions Danwood
Our screen printing emulsions are extremely high quality, easy to apply to the screen, and virtually pinhole free. For screen printers in Danwood who use a lot of water based inks, we highly recommend our Zim International’s screen printing emulsions. If you work mainly with plastisol and occasionally print with water based inks, Zim Rapid Cote Emulsion is a great choice. If faster exposure times are desired and you only work with plastisol or solvent inks, Zim Dual Cure Emulsion will be the right screen printing emulsion for you.
Plastisol Screen Printing Ink Danwood
Plastisol ink provides a less soft hand than water based inks, but are the most commonly used type of ink in the screen printing industry. Plastisol ink doesn’t dry up in your screen, eliminating the need to work super fast. They are also more opaque than water based inks. Our plastisol inks are manufactured by WM Plastics Inc., a leader in the industry for over 34 years.
Screen Printing Squeegees Danwood
Squeegees are an essential tool for screen printing; probably the most important piece of equipment besides the actual screen! Our wooden squeegees are made in America and feature an ergonomic handle which eliminates the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome from long screen printing runs.
Your squeegee should always be at least 2″ wider than the design you are printing, but no wider than your platen.
Screen Printing Tapes Danwood
We offer a variety of tapes for either using on a screen or a pallet. Our white tape is a great budget priced screen tape great for sealing edges and blocking out parts of the screen you want to print later. Pallet tape is used to protect your shirt boards, and make them much easier to clean. Cleaning lint and fuzz off a pallet can be a real pain, but with pallet tape you simply pull it off once the job is complete, and then reapply for the next job.
Screen Printing Frames Danwood
Zim Internationals screen printing Frames are custom made, and are clearly the best on the market today. Made from Douglas Fir wood, we use a triple mortise and tenon joint for extra durability. Zim Frames are carefully crafted with 1 1/2″ x 1 5/8″ wood stock, which allows for the highest tension possible. Larger frames can be made using a 1 1/2″ x 2″ wood stock.
Screen Printing Mesh Danwood
Zim Internationals screen Frames are nicely sanded, with rounded corners. The mesh is monofilament polyester, and is available in 30-160 white mesh counts and 200-390 gold mesh counts. Mesh is available for purchase per yard in 50″ and 60 ” widths.