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Screen Printing Cleaners

The One – is a bio-degradable citrus ink degrader and screen wash.

Green Opener – is an environmentally safe screen wash and screen opener

EZ Out – is an aerosol screen opener and press wash.

Camie 480 – works to unclog screens and loosen plastisol inks on screens

Blue Block – out is used to fill pinholes in the emulsion during the printing process.

MI-T-MIZ: Mesh degreaser

Z Haze – is a liquid image and ghost remover.

Zim Strip – is an economical powder reclaimer to remove emulsion.

Thermo Letter Remover –  removes plastisol inks.

Zim Pic Special – Cured plastisol is easily removed, leaving no residue or stain on the garment.

Z-Force – will remove cured plastisol from shirts and jackets

ZP #2 – one of our best cleaning solvents for cleaning frames.