Spot Removers

ZP 200

ZP #200 removes stubborn grease and oil stains quickly and thoroughly. This strong and effective formulation will remove the most difficult stains.


Zim Pic Jr

Zim Pic Jr offers a safe and effective means of cleaning oil, grease and dirt from carpet and upholstery. Zim Pic Jr. contains no CFCs, carcinogen, TRI 111, Methylene Chloride or any other chemical that would be harmful to humans.


ZP 300

ZP #300 is a textile spot remover is  an alcohol based formulation which will remove grease and oil stains safely from almost any fabric.


Go Spot

Go-Spot eliminates the need for rubbing and scrubbing while leaving no visible residue. It will not harm carpet backing or upholstery foam. Go-Spot is an excellent pre-spotter prior to carpet extraction.


Z Force

Z-Force is a textile spot remover that removes cured plastisol from shirts and jackets. Z-Force removes dirt, grease, oil and other stains from most fabrics.




Orbit is a Dry powdered, circle and stain remover. It works great on mineral oil, as well as most other machine oils. Orbit gets out grease and other stains, too. Orbit won’t take the dye out of delicate threads.