Zim Cote

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an economical 2 part emulsion that exposes in 5-15 minutes.


Zim Rapid Cote

ZIMWEB (17 of 25)

a pre-mix ready to use Rapid exposing emulsion.


Zim Dual Cure Emulsion

Zim Dual Core Emulsion

Zim Dual Cure Emulsion is a 2 part FAST exposing emulsion.


The One

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A bio-degradable citrus ink degrader and screen wash.


Green Opener

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A safer screen wash/screen opener


EZ Out

Zim Easy Out

An aerosol screen opener/press wash.


Camie 480

Camie Screen Openerworks to unclog screens and loosen plastisol inks on screens

Blue Block Out

Blue Blockout

Blockout is used to fill pinholes in the emulsion



MI T MIZ Snippet

MI-T-MIZ: Mesh degreaser



Z Hazer Snippet

liquid image and ghost remover.


Zim Strip

Zim Strip Snippet

An economical powder reclaimer to remove emulsion.


Thermo Letter Remover

Thermo Leter Remover Gal Complete

This product removes plastisol inks


Zim Pic Special

Zim Pic Special Blurred Complete

Plastisol Remover - Makes no difference if your "oops" has been there 6 minutes or 6 months



ZIMWEB (13 of 25)

Z-Force will remove cured plastisol from shirts and jackets


ZP #2


for cleaning frames and other screen printing