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Automotive Cleaners

Truck Wash Concentrate #430: a concentrated detergent formulated for use in high-pressure washing equipment to clean soils, road tar and grime from trucks and large vehicles. Dilution 1:40

Aluminum Transmission & Engine Cleaner #663: a concentrated, soluble powder designed to function at elevated temperatures. It cleans and strips away oil, grease and other deposits from transmissions, radiators, and metal parts without foaming problems. It won’t leave a residue on parts, plug up the spray cabinets jets or build up inside the parts washer cabinet.


Protectant Wipes #1545 Protectant Wipes use a water-based silicone formula to restore, protect and condition vinyl, rubber and other vehicle surfaces against drying, cracking and fading to keep vehicles looking like new. 40-count, 10”x12”, 6 canisters per case.