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Chlorinated Multi-Purpose Adhesive

Our Multi-Purpose Adhesive was designed for a permanent bond.

Available in Clear or Lt. Orange 16 oz spray cans, 12 lb and 38 lb cylinders.

Portable, self contained requires no power
Water Resistant
Fast flash time 2 minutesĀ 
Economical cost with labor and material savings
No Clean-up of equipment
No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
High Strength
High Temperature range
Will not Freeze
Economically priced equipment will last for years
Duct Board Insulation, Pillow Top Bedding, Vapor Barrier, Acoustical Wall Panels
Felt, Fiberglass, Films, Foam and Fabric, Foam to Foam, Foam Wall Board, Glass
Insulation, HVAC Duct Liner, Laminate, Leather, Metals, Mobile Home, Most Laminates
Travel Trailers, Van Conversions, Marine, Cardboard, Canvas, Carpet, Ceramics, Collages
Construction, Countertops, Cork, Particle Board, Photos, Paper, Plastics, PVC Drywall Trim
Rubber to Metal, Furniture Construction, Bedding, Abatement, Wood
Plus Many More!